Golden Beards was born in the wonderful neighbourhood of Nørrebro, in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2015.

At that time, I, Oriol, a bearded man myself, realized that there wasn’t any danish company making beard care products. Seeing how many men in the country rock beards that also need care, I decided to go for it and start producing myself handmade and organic beard care products. And once I got the right products I decided to be generous and share them with the rest of the world.

I started at home, making oils and balms in my very own kitchen. I made the website myself while my girlfriend made the stickers. A good friend of mine made the logo and little by little I started selling more and more. People wanted more products and I didn’t have enough room at home, so I had to move to my next location at Møllegade, sharing the space with a Barber Shop called Fraser the Barber. (Check his website for an appointment! Best barber in town!). As the company kept on growing I finally moved to my brand new office, obviously still in Nørrebro. Also, at this point I decided to hire my first employee.Golden Beards

At Golden Beards we are proud to keep making our products one by one. All being handmade & handcrafted. All made in small batches and under request. We just hold a small stock so we can always provide to our customers a very fresh product. This is the way we like to do it and we’ll keep on working this way!

So, here you have them: beard care products specially made for you and your Beard!

Our products are registered in CPNP – Cosmetic Products Notification Portal  and have the CPSR for each product and that allows us to sell legally in the EU.

We hope that you will become part of our family Golden Beards and enjoy our products as much as we do. You won’t regret it!

Golden Beards
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