A Guide to Using Moustache Wax

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A Guide to Using Moustache Wax

Styling your moustache doesn't have to be difficult. Learn how to choose and use moustache wax to achieve the look you've always wanted.

 If you're a moustachioed man, you'll already know the headache that is maintaining your tache as your beard grows.
An uncoiffed moustache can lead to a messy time when eating bigger, more indulgent foods like burgers, burritos, and pizzas. This is where moustache wax comes in. Whether you want a fancy dapper gent's stylized twirl or just basic tache control - we've got you covered. Never used moustache wax before? Read on for our guide on how to use it.

Invest In The Necessary Tools

  Start by getting yourself a tin of our Organic Moustache Wax. This nifty little tin is perfect to carry around on the go and will fit right in your trouser pocket. Made with cocoa butter, shea butter, and beeswax, this wax is designed for easy-to-style moustache twirling. This moustache wax also contains a blend of rich and nourishing carrier and essential oils to keep tache looking in tip-top shape. To make styling your tache easier, consider combining your wax with a moustache comb for even better results when you style it.

Prepare Your Moustache Wax

Keeping your tin in a pocket will certainly help warm up your wax, but this isn't always enough to sufficiently soften it, especially in cooler climates. On the go, warming the tin between your hands for 3-5 minutes should do the trick. If you're at home and have the luxury of time, there are several ways you can heat up your wax for preparation. Some people use a short burst of hot air from a hair dryer or run their sealed tin under hot water for a couple of minutes to soften their wax.

Not Too Hot

Remember: you want to soften your wax, not turn it to liquid. So be careful that you don't get too happy with heat. The more you use your wax, the more familiar you'll become with how much preparation it needs and will find the softening method that works best for you.

Applying Your Wax

To apply your wax, you very simply need to scrape out the desired amount with your thumb or forefinger. We usually recommend a pea-sized amount, however, this can vary from tache to tache. Work the wax you gather with your nail into a small ball. Then proceed to flatten the ball against your fingers. You'll notice it'll really begin to soften at this point and feel really workable. Starin from the centre of your tache, begin to smooth the wax in. For a more natural look, use your comb to spread it throughout. If you're going for a more dramatic, dandy look, twist out the ends. Depending on the style you're going for, you may also want to twist, curl, and ruffle your tache about with the wax.

Don't Be Afraid To Experiment!

When it comes to styling your moustache, experimentation is key. You'll find that some styles benefit from a quick blow dry to soften the hold of the wax, whereas others just need a good about of fiddling and working. To find out more about our beard oils and balms, as well as discover some great male grooming tips, subscribe to our blog and follow us on social media!"