What you can do to embrace your patchy beard. (Part 2)

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What you can do to embrace your patchy beard. (Part 2)

Last week we went through some of the science behind having a patchy beard. This week we will talk about what you can do to take care of you what can actually grow if you decide to embrace your patchy beard. Absolutely no shame on it!

As we mentioned in the previous article, our main objective here is to get all that enzyme 5-alpha-reductase that we have to do its work and help metabolise the testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. Then let’s go and see first what we can do to try increase our levels of testosterone.

Important also to mention that all these recommendations that follow will better your general health, so there is absolutely nothing to lose here. You might even get not only a bit more of a beard but also a better and longer life!

One of the main reasons male increase the levels of testosterone is associated with periods of sexual activity. Not a bad start, right? Even just a conversation with a potential sexual partner can increase the levels of testosterone in our bodies. Who knew that a simple and harmless flirt will help out! Well, it does. Another great way to increase testosterone levels is through exercise.

Mostly resistance training (lifting weights) as opposed to endurance training, which can reduce the levels of testosterone. Exercise is also helpful to reduce general stress, which also affects you hair growth and quality. A healthy nutrition is of basic importance as well. A controlled diet with the proper ingestion of protein, Vitamin A and Vitamin D pays off big time.

And not only it does in your testosterone production, but also in your keratin production, which is the protein that protects hair from stress and damage. Exercise combined with a healthy nutrition will also help you to lose weight (In case you need it, we are not assuming anything!). Weight-loss may result in an increase in testosterone levels.

Keep yourself hydrated for the whole day. You hydrate your whole body and it will share it with your beard. A good night sleep has also a direct relation with your testosterone production. Once your body gets into the REM phase of sleep, which is when you are more likely to dream, it increases nocturnal testosterone levels. And that would be it for the testosterone production and general health. We will talk a bit on special care you should be giving on your beard. Having a patchy beard doesn’t take you away of using products to take good care of it. Of course, at Golden Beards, we recommend using our line of products, mostly because we use only high quality organic ingredients to create all our products.

That means there is no side effects caused by the use of artificial products. A win-win situation here! But also, you are completely free to use the brand you like the most. Just make sure you use the highest quality products you can get. The use of organic oils will help moisturize the skin, hair follicles and enhance healthy hair growth. Give your face a good massage with the oils and you will also activate the blood flow under your skin. After a nice hot shower would be the best moment to apply your oils as your skin pores will be open.

We also recommend the use of beard shampoo and conditioner. But you also have to be careful with it, don’t use shampoo everyday or it will dry your hair out and leave your beard brittle. The use of oils also have the important benefit of reducing the itchiness in the skin, which is one of the most annoying parts of starting to grow a beard. Well, you can easily fix that!

After you apply the oils it would also be a good idea to brush your beard. We know, if you have a patchy beard it could sound quite ridiculous to even think about brushing it. But it actually helps a lot to properly distribute the oils and to control the direction of the hair growth. For the brushing to even work better we recommend the use of beard brushes with natural boar bristles. Most similar to human hair structure, boar bristles strengthen and add natural shine to your beard. And the most important advice of them all: Be patient and forgiving! No beard grows in a day. That we all know. Give it time and if it doesn’t fully grow, don’t blame yourself! (or your parents…) Try different styles and find something that you like and are comfortable with. And remember that taking care of your health and skin will pay off in many ways