How your Beard Will Grow Week by Week and How You Will be Proud of it After Two Months - 2022 EDITION-

octubre 13, 2022

How your Beard Will Grow Week by Week and How You Will be Proud of it After Two Months - 2022 EDITION-

How your Beard Will Grow Week by Week and How You Will be Proud of it After Two Months

The day our founder decided to grow a beard, he could only count the weeks and the months to visualize the results. And yet he was really excited and committed to it, little did he know about how itchy things would get, especially in that first week of growing his beard. Follow up with these tips we learned from him to enjoy those first stages of growing!



How to Take Care of a One-Week Beard

A one-week beard is not a pleasant thing to carry, plus it looks ugly. It is what it is - be patient. Brush it before showering to let the loose hairs and the dirt go, and give it a soft yet proper washing (have you tried our beard shampoo on your one-week baby beard yet?). Oil it gently after, it will keep your skin hydrated and your beard hairs will soften up. You don’t want it to feel like a shoe brush, do you? Neither do we. Have you tried any of our organic beard oils? We have 5 different options, and we’re sure that at least one of them will fit your beard type!

The key to taking care of a one-week beard is, as we said, patience. Human hair grows about one, one and a half centimeters per month. Now, we don’t want to be your mother here, but what have you eaten today? The better you treat yourself, the better your body will be, and that includes your wonderful one-week beard. So do the math now that you are in the first stages of growing it and realize this: you must eat good food to help your beard grow. “Say what? So I can improve my beard while I’m eating?” Yes sir. Your beard hair is regulated mostly by testosterone, so incrementing the levels of this hormone will directly affect your beard growth. What should you be eating? Fruits, eggs, nuts. All those foods benefit your health. Remember to be consistent with your diet as weeks pass by if you want to see the results!


Besides eating peanuts in front of the TV, your one-week beard also needs you to move your ass a little bit. Wash it daily with warm water, adding a small amount of beard shampoo (doing so will help your pores breathe), and always finish by gently applying some oil to your beard, it will increase your face skin’s blood circulation.

How to Take Care of a Two-Week Beard

So another week passed by, and it’s still itchy. What can we tell you? Like grandmas say, “hands and knees, baby boy, you have to use your hands and knees”. So do it. Our brush and our oil will style your beard - they will be your hands and knees now. Use them, and for the love of God, DON’T GIVE UP. You made it all the way to this point. You have a majestic two-week beard. Move forward. If it’s itchy, put more oil and shut up. Be classy and deal with it as your grandma would.

Top Tips to Take Care of a Two-Month Beard

And all of a sudden, two months have gone by. Look at you! You did it! It was rough, it hurt, and it certainly didn’t look good for a long while, but you made it through all these calamities. Now go to the bathroom, stand in front of the mirror and cheer yourself up for that great two-month beard you achieved! 

Now it’s time to “shape the bush” and make it look more like a beard and less like an old carpet. How? We’re glad you asked. Are you still in the bathroom looking at yourself in the mirror? You narcissist… That’s my guy.

Have you tried our new safety razors for grown beards? They are hand-made in Italy (we basically needed an excuse to go to Lake Como to taste some delicious cheeses). Be careful when you’re doing that neckline of yours and don’t fuck it up now, after those two months of itchiness. Always remember the itchiness - you don’t want to go back to that. Make sure you also get rid of those little hairs that look like electricity cables - give them a proper “hasta la vista”.

You know what they say: beards are the masculine makeup, so let’s do some contouring here. You want to play it safe with your two-month beard so all your hard work doesn’t get ruined, so don’t get too creative – leave that to the professionals. Just give it some soft touches with a soft shaving cream and the razor, and that will make it!

Your two-month beard comes with a new friend: the beard balm. The balm not only hydrates like the oil but also helps you styling your beard so it keeps the shape you want it to be in. Try our newest organic beard balms in your favorite fragrance (just make sure you match it with your oil so you don’t smell like a cabaret dancer).

How to Match Long Hair with Beard

Picture that: time has passed, you’ve followed both your instinct and our advice, and now your beard is in great shape. Plus, when you started with all this process, your head already had wonderful long hair! And now you are going to match them together and be a damn cutie. Yes you are.

A very common question we receive is this: “can I use the same shampoo I use in my hair for my beard?” Oh boy. Only one possible answer – HELL NO, unless you see your hair more similar to the hair of a horse than to that of a human. Please go back to that bathroom mirror and look at yourself while you think of the stupidity of your question. Ok, sorry. You are not stupid. Where are you going? Come back here. Forgive us. It’s just that we care too much of your beard (and all of your hair, wherever it might be) to let you ruin it. But you ain’t stupid, just your question was. Think of it this way: do you use your girl’s special shampoo in your hair? Of course not, she just doesn’t let you. She knows her hair is more special than yours. Learn from her. Understand that your beard is special and treat it like it. Keep using your hair shampoo as usual, but get yourself some beard shampoo as well and use it every time you shower. Treat your hair like a princess, and your beard like a queen. Avoid shitty chemicals like you avoid your ex at a common-friends dinner party, and embrace natural ingredients like the ones we use. And after the shower, comb both your hair and your beard (check our wood combs and vegan beard brushes made out of Mexican cactus fiber!).

Start Taking Care of your Beard Today! 

Now that you read all this, you might be wondering how you can start taking care of your beard right now. So go to the kitchen and grab some peanuts, and while you eat them, get your laptop and order that product that will help you most in that beard stage that you are in right now. And what to do until our products arrive? Treat yourself with a good facial massage. No, you don’t have to go to no fancy-pants masseur to do that. I’m talking about a DIY-massage, on your sofa, while you’re watching TV. Just remember that every time you ain’t using your hands, you can put them on your face and give yourself some love (we said on your face). This will stimulate your blood circulation and improve the response on your hair follicles. Just remember to do it with clean hands, ok?