Moustache Wax & Eco Wood Comb 7,5cm


Moustache Wax Kit + Comb

★ This AMAZING KIT with Moustache Wax + Eco Wood Comb it's the perfect combination for your Moustache. Keep your Moustache on Point.

★ This MOUSTACHE KIT, is portable, so It fits on your trouser pocket without any problem.

★ Our MOUSTACHE WAX is Medium Moustache Hold and it's a Handmade product using only the best beeswax and the finest sourced essential oil.

★ EASY TO USE Scrape off a bit of wax with your thumbnail and warm between fingers or use a hair dryer if the wax can’t be melted (It’s also easier if you keep it warm in your pants pocket for daily use).Once the wax has been warmed, apply it to moustache and play around until gets the desired/perfect shape.

★ With one of the best MOUSTACHE COMB your Moustache always will be perfect, get those products at best price.

Customer Reviews

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Mathijs Kooij
It just works and smells great

This is my second time ordering this product and decided to also get the comb. You can use a normal comb, but when you are at the point that you need moustache wax you are committed and having a special comb just feels right.

The moustache wax is great for styling (and keeping hair out of my mouth). I do not have a handlebar, but I like a little longer and fuller moustache and then this helps a lot.