Beard Grooming 101: Here's Why You Need a Beard Conditioner

mars 22, 2020

Beard Grooming 101: Here's Why You Need a Beard Conditioner

Just over 30 percent of American males sport a beard all the time, while about 27 percent do so sometimes.

But while facial hair is popular, facial hair care doesn't come up nearly as often as it should.

Luckily, the rise of facial care products for men has spurred an interest in caring for beards and mustaches. One product that every man with a beard should use is a beard conditioner.

What Does a Beard Conditioner Do?

Beard conditioner sounds pretty simple; it's just a conditioner for your facial hair. But there are tons of benefits to this simple product!

It'll Soften Stiff Hair

Even if you have silky smooth hair on your head, odds are that your beard hair is stiff and wiry.

Beard's conditioner can help. With regular use, it can soften your beard hair, giving it a smoother texture. This makes it easier to style and softer to the touch, which is sure to be a hit with anyone getting close enough for a run-in with your beard.

Everyday Pollutants Stick in Your Beard

Your facial hair gets a constant beating from the environments you are in. From car exhaust to pollution to crumbs and drips from your lunch, plenty of dirt and debris gets left behind.

Beard shampoo and conditioners will help cleanse your facial hair of the pollutants picked up during your everyday routine.

It Won't Strip Your Beard's Natural Oils

You hear a lot about why you should invest in quality shampoos for the hair on your head. A big reason for that is because cheap shampoos will strip the oil from your hair.

This natural oil is important. It keeps our hair soft, shiny, and healthy.

The same goes for your beard. Natural oils are important. If you're washing your beard with cheap shampoo, or even a moderate shampoo, you're likely stripping it of some of those natural oils.

A conditioner designed for use on your beard won't strip oils. That way you can clean your beard without compromising it.

Your Beard will be Lush and Shiny

With those oils in place and your beard softer than ever, you'll also notice two more big benefits.

With regular use of beard conditioner, you'll enjoy lush, shiny facial hair that visibly healthy.

It'll Help Hair Grow Faster

Massing your skin where your facial hair grows helps to stimulate that growth.

Washing your beard at least a few times a week means that this skin gets plenty of massaging. This can boost your beard growth, allowing it to grow faster than ever. A beard brush can help with that as well!

Choosing the Right Beard Conditioner and Other Products

Caring for your facial hair with beard conditioner and other products can help you get soft, shiny, healthy hair.

If you still have questions about growing and caring for your beard, check out this guide next for the ultimate guide.