What a Gorgeous Beard! You Must Use the Best Beard Shampoo Ever

mars 22, 2020

What a Gorgeous Beard! You Must Use the Best Beard Shampoo Ever

Taking care of the hair in your beard is just as important as taking care of the hair on your head. If you want a luscious beard that stands out from the crowd, you'll need to put in the work.

Thankfully, there are plenty of tips and tricks that can help you along the way. These include finding the best beard shampoo, using the best beard wash kit and creating a daily routine. Take a look!

Beard Shampoo

Washing Your Beard

The last thing you want to do is stroll into work with your beard smelling like beer and smoke from the weekend. However, did you know it's unnecessary to wash your beard every day?

Washing your beard every day will strip the natural oils away and can make your beard appear dry and corse. It may not feel nice and you'll probably damage it over time. Stick to washing your beard a maximum of three times per week.

Finding the Best Beard Shampoo

That's right. Your beard deserves the best shampoo, just like your head. If you're still using soap or shower gel on your beard, you've probably noticed that the hair is dry and unruly. 

You need to use a milder shampoo for your beard to maintain the natural oils that keep it sleek and smooth. Some beard shampoos also contain a small amount of conditioner to ensure your beard looks soft and becomes easy to manipulate with a brush.

Invest in a Good Beard Comb

If you're using the same brush for your hair and beard, stop! It's easy to think that there's no harm in doing that but the hair in your beard needs a different type of care. The hair on your face is subjected to a lot more on any given day.

It comes into contact with food, drink, cologne, other people and much more. A good beard comb is designed to gently keep your beard well-groomed without being too harsh on your skin.

Beard Trimming

Keeping your beard trim and tidy isn't as easy as it looks. In fact, styling a beard is often much harder than styling a head of hair. If you want to trim your own beard, it's often best to watch a beard stylist closely before attempting it yourself.

A trained barber will be able to give you hints and tips on how to style and trim your beard when you do it at home. For instance, some men tend to shave too low down towards their beards and then wonder why it doesn't grow in full and thick.

All the Gear for the Best Beard

The truth is, if you want a beard you can be proud of, products like the best beard shampoo are vital. It's worth asking your barber what products and equipment he recommends for growing your beard to the standard you want it. 

Take a look at some more information on what products to look out for.