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Full Shaving Kit - All in one product

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Golden Shave - Double Comb Safety Razor are handmade in Italy, near the Como Lake, thanks to the expertise and skills of qualified craftsmen manufacturing safety razors since the 1950s. With them we developed this Double Comb Safety Razor, to ensure a refined, precise shaving experience but with a Golden touch.

Open Comb Head (open comb): Guarantees a deep and accurate shave for all types of beards (close shave), ideal for those with hard and thick hair.Before using we recommend using our pre-shave oil to prepare the skin.

Closed Comb Head (closed comb) is indicated for daily shaving and for sensitive skin. Also recommended for newcomers to the safety razor.

Silvertip Vegan Shaving Brush - Golden Shave

Our Golden Shaving Brush is made in Portugal from one of the best companies manufacturing and handcrafting shaving brushes Semogue.

Golden Shaving Brush is made by Plissoft Silvertip (synthetic shaving brush) and it’s softer than the Plissoft Fiber (standard )this is a great brush for those looking for a super luxurious and soft soaping sensation.

This particular Brush is 24mm knot with a Gold Brass Ring and Beech Wood, a Golden special edition made exclusively for us.

Shaving Cream - Bergamot Scent - 3,3Oz / 100ml - Golden Shave 

This Natural Shaving Cream is a superbly performing shaving soap made in the classic Italian style somewhere between a soft soap and a hard cream with soft bergamot fragrance. The 100ml caviar jar makes an exclusive unique shaving cream and allows for easy transport and storage.

Organic Shaving Soap 60ML

Handmade Soap with Honey Scent


1 x 5 Astra Blades + 1 x 10 Feather Blades


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