Vegan Beard Grooming:

marzo 22, 2020

Vegan Beard Grooming:

The best kind of beard care is sustainable beard care. If you're using non-natural beard products made from unsustainable materials, you are likely causing significant damage to the environment.

Beard grooming products that use plastics and animal products will only make your carbon footprint larger. However, if you watch top-notch beard care that is great for you and the planet, look no further.

With our one-of-a-kind vegan beard brush, you can look dapper all day long and sleep easy knowing that your grooming routine isn't contributing to climate change.

Read on to find out more about why our green beard brush is one of the must-have vegan products for men. 

Why You Should Opt for Vegan Beard Grooming

There are countless reasons why you need to start investing in the best vegan products for me. For one, vegan beard care is the cruelty-free way to groom.

Many non-vegan beard products use animal hair or even animal bones and fat. Our vegan brushes use no animal products whatsoever, meaning that choosing a vegan beard brush means choosing animal welfare. 

In addition, vegan beard grooming will reduce your carbon footprint. Other beard grooming products often use plastics, palm oil, and harmful chemicals.

The cheapest ones are not designed to last, forcing you to buy them multiple times a year. All of this waste simply damages our beautiful planet even more. Avoid that by going vegan with your grooming.

Ethical consumption is the future, and vegan beard grooming products are the best way to start. 

Natural Brushes Make Healthier Beards 

It's not just about the planet. An eco-friendly beard brush can also give you a healthier, sexier beard. Take our vegan beard brush, for instance. The natural fibers are made with cactus fibers from the Mexican desert.

These are more absorbent, elastic, and flexible than animal fibers. They will massage your skin to ensure healthy hair growth, which plastic fibers do not do.

They will also help ensure the even distribution of oil from the base of your hairs to the ends. Natural fibers are much hardier than plastic or other synthetic fibers.

They will not bend over time, meaning that your beard will get the thorough grooming that it needs every single time. 

Other Natural Ways to Groom Your Beard

Of course, vegan brushes aren't the only way to ensure sustainable grooming. You can also use a wide range of natural, vegan beard oils to ensure grooming that keeps the planet safe.

Natural beard oils made from plant products such as apricot oil, patchouli, and lavender ensure you aren't using destructive products such as palm oil.

Those vegan beard oils will also guarantee a grooming regimen that is totally free from artificial chemicals that your hair might not agree with. Natural products will keep your beard healthy and the planet in better shape.  

Learn More

Making the decision to use vegan beard grooming products is only the start of your journey. If you need to figure out which products are right for you, check out our detailed FAQ for all of the information you'll ever need.