After Shave Lotion Benefits for your skin, Why Using After Shave?

February 08, 2021

After Shave Lotion Benefits for your skin, Why Using After Shave?

After Shave Lotion Benefits

Why aftershave you might ask? We all remember scenes from movies where the men slap his face with burning aftershave. We could feel the burning through the screen. Now we have aftershave that is good for your skin, leaves it soft, and is without alcohol.

Why should you use aftershave?
Aftershave is used to re-hydrate your skin once you have shaved. Shaving can dry out your skin a lot, and might even make your face and neck feel tight and prickly. Aftershave can help with sensitive skin, acne, and skin irritation. 

Who needs aftershave?

Whether you shave or not, or if you only trim the neckline, you should consider using an aftershave. It softens your skin and helps with future shaving.
You won’t need a lot of aftershaves and a little amount every day can do a lot.

Is aftershave better than balms or oils?

Well, balms and oils are always good for your beard and skin, but what aftershave helps with, is closing the pores after shaving, and then when you put your favorite oil or face cream on, it won´t bother your pores or cuts.

We at Golden Beards recommend that you try our Dopo Barba aftershave. It is handmade in Italy. Made from the oils of bergamot, the slightly dry and earth scent together with the healthier and more herbal scent of the real almond oil gives you the perfect end to your shave.