Full Shaving Kit

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Get Everything you need to get a full Shaving Experience.

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What is Inside our Shaving Kit?

Handmade Safety Razor

Silvertip Shaving Brush

Pre/Post Shave Bergamote

HShaving Cream

How to use it?

STEP 1 - Prepare Shaving Cream

STEP 2 - Shaving Brush with cream


STEP 4- Pre Shaving Bergamot Cream

"Since I'm using Golden Beards Products not only my skin looks better, now I know that I'm using organic, natural and sustainable products for me and for the environment, the shaving cream smells AMAZING!"

Pedro Salves

"The Safety Razor looks wonderful, it's handmade in Italy and the size is perfect for travelling and for an accurate shave, includes 2 combs, open and closed depends how you want to get shaved"

Mark Tomic

"I Got the Full Shaving Kit as a birthday present and can't be more happier, the shaving brush is easy to handle and the silvertip brush with their shaving cream makes an amazing leather "

Antonio Delgado